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2 Weeks Left! Freeroll Leaderboard ending soon

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2 Weeks Left! Freeroll Leaderboard ending soon

With only 2 weeks left in the Freeroll Leaderboard, the race is getting very heated.

Players who have been competing and fighting for the top positions for months are putting the pedal to the metal to rank as high as they can to grab the top prizes that we have to offer!

The very best of what has to offer and the prize everyone seems to be fighting tooth-and-nail for is our famous All-Expenses paid VIP trip to Pattaya, Thailand PLUS a brand new Honda City S, which is available to the first prize winner of our Freeroll leaderboard!

The Freeroll leaderboard ends on December 25th at precisely Midnight.

This should also serve as a reminder to our loyal players to not be complacent!

Just because you are at, or near the top, does not mean you will remain there. This is your chance to solidify your position on our Freeroll leaderboard to make sure you do not get knocked down a peg or left in the dust.

With relatively little time left to compete, many players will be gunning even harder towards the finish to win the biggest prizes they possibly can.

Are you going to let your competition overtake you? Of course not! Do not let your efforts over the past several weeks be in vain, finish this leaderboard and this year off with a BANG!

Don’t forget, cash prizes are available to those who manage to rank within the top 10! The higher you are, the better the prizes, it’s as simple as that.

Play FREE Online Poker, win REAL money and some magnificent rewards for your efforts; do you need any more motivation?

To check out the awesome prizes in store or simply look at the current rankings and your competition, visit our dedicated LIVE Freeroll Leaderboard here. looks forward to partying with the first prize winner of the Freeroll Leaderboard in Pattaya for our once in a lifetime VIP trip and we wish all of our loyal players the best of luck in the weeks to come!


Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.

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