A Life of Luxury-I WILL SURVIVE 2017 VIP Trip to Phuket

28 April 2017 00:00 A Life of Luxury-I WILL SURVIVE 2017 VIP Trip to Phuket

Luxury Lifestyle of Khelo365 VIP players

We have all heard of the saying, “Life styles of the Rich & Famous!” You know what I’m talking about!

The life style of Private & Exclusive Clubs. Eating gourmet Lobster Dinners at World Class Restaurants.

Sleeping in 5 star Private Villas in the most beautiful cities in the world.

Riding on luxury yachts & driving expensive luxury sports cars! Just like everything you see on the television! Whatever they want, they can have it!

This life style seems impossible to obtain for most of us. It seems reserved for the rich and famous…

Okay stop! Think about this! Have you ever considered living a rich and luxurious lifestyle for yourself?

Do you believe it is out of your reach? Think it’s impossible?

Well then let us present to you the KHELO365 VIP players club!

Haven’t heard of the KHELO365 VIP players club?!

KHELO365 has your ticket to living a Life of Luxury! Yes!

Finally, the life style of the rich and famous can be yours. You can enjoy it all.

The private clubs, Luxury Yacht adventures, Beautiful women, Lobster Dinners, and much more!

The best part about all of this is, it is completely and entirely FREE to you when you become a KHELO 365 VIP Member!

It’s actually quite simple! Just keep playing and competing on KHELO365 online poker tables.

Keep playing to win big prizes via our limitless promotions!

In seemingly no time, you could find yourself joining the KHELO365 club of VIP players.

KHELO365 VIP players have access to A LIFE OF LUXURY AND BLISS!

But what exactly do they get for being a VIP Member?

This is best answered by our recent & exclusive VIP Members trip to the beautiful beaches of Phuket, Thailand.

A life of Luxury “I Will Survive Phuket Trip” (Exclusive to KHELO365 VIP Members)

A Luxury Yacht

Our story begins with our VIP Members cruising on a Luxury Yacht, surrounded by beautiful models and enjoying unlimited drinks and private parties. 

The VIP Members arrived to Phuket in style already having begun their journey into luxury.

A Private Villa

When the guests arrived, they were transported in style, with full security and models surrounding them.

They were escorted to their private villas (each villa includes a private swimming pool).

Now, let’s think for a moment.

What could possibly be better than having your own private villa and private swimming pool?

How about we introduce you to a few of your favorite Porn-Stars, whom will accompany you during your trip.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Hanging out 24/7 with Porn Stars?!

Yes! That’s exactly what our VIP guests thought as they enjoyed 24/7 access with some of their favorite Porn-Stars.

These girls are absolutely gorgeous!

See for yourself, and think about this, they could be with you, in your private villa one day!

Gourmet Lobster Dinner

Now as if this weren’t enough to convince anyone of wanting this trip to become their reality; believe it or not, there is more!

As our VIP members enjoyed a luxurious and mouthwatering lobster dinner prepared by World Class Chefs.

Again, they were in the company of beautiful models.

The Luxurious Final Night (Party @ ILLUZION)

Our guests had the exclusive opportunity to enjoy a party that will be remembered for the rest of their lives.

We took our VIP guests to ILLUZION Club, the biggest and most luxurious club in Phuket.

D.J. Nyed, along with the world class bar tenders, and unlimited drink service made the final night, in Phuket, a night to remember and an unforgettable experience.

See for yourself

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Till we meet again in Colombo in this December 

We at KHELO365 wish you good luck! Don’t forget to keep track of your place on our leaderboards! We hope to see you at our next VIP Members event, and share the life of luxury with you!

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