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How poker can make you more successful

📁 Uncategorized 🕔21.March 2018
How poker can make you more successful

The biggest reason why online poker is so popular in India is because it’s fun. However, playing poker online can have a number of other benefits, that can ultimately make you much more successful in both your personal life as well as your career. We know that sounds strange – you mean, you can play online poker for real money as well as other benefits too? – but here’s why we think so.


Playing poker, whether online poker or in real life, gives a player undeniable confidence. You only have to look at depictions of poker players in popular culture, as well as some of the top poker players in real life, to see that this is true. These are people who’ve played poker for real money, calculated the odds and won big – that gives you a lot of confidence.

Risk assessment

Speaking of calculating the odds, that’s something that poker players do best. Every card, whether in hand or on the table, is a set of variables that must be assessed and analyzed before choosing how to bet – whether to raise, call, or fold. And you can’t take a lot of time over it either, because you’ve got other players waiting; so you get used to assessing risks in the blink of an eye. Which is obviously something that can come in very handy in life, whether you’re talking about work or play.


As we touched upon the last paragraph, online poker players in India need to make decisions quickly and confidently. That ability to be decisive is what separates the average poker player, or even the good poker player, from the ranks of the very best. The poker elite can make decisions in a fraction of the time it would take other players, and they have the resolution to follow through with those decisions as well – that’s what makes them the best of the best.

The ability to read others

The outcome of a high-stakes game can be worth lakhs of rupees or more, and all of that money can come down to a single hand where you have to guess whether your opponent is bluffing or not. Fortunes are won or lost based on a high-level poker player’s ability to read his or her opponent – and that’s a skill that translates very well to other aspects of life, as you might imagine.


If you were thinking that online poker was just a question of playing for fun or making real money, we hope that this list has opened up your perspective. Apart from its other virtues, we firmly believe that poker can have a significantly positive impact on your life and can help you be more successful. Happy playing!

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