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Freeroll Leaderboard 3rd Place Position: Mr. Kamlubo Newmai

📁 Blog 🕔27.November 2017
Freeroll Leaderboard 3rd Place Position: Mr. Kamlubo Newmai

The race is on full throttle for the first prize on the Freeroll Leaderboard. Everyone is gunning for that All-Expenses Paid VIP trip to Pattaya and Honda City S, truly awesome prizes for the true poker player.

Recently, was able to get into contact with one of the leaders on the Freeroll Leaderboard. Currently sitting at 3rd place it is none other than Kamlubo Newmai a.k.a ‘Djim’.

If you have been following our Freeroll Leaderboard at all, you know that he was leading the leaderboard at 1st place for the longest time. But it seems he has been overtaken by two others!

Not to worry, Mr. Kamlubo is fully committed to getting the first prize on our Freeroll leaderboard and taking out his competition!

Read what he has to say in this interview with


First of all, congratulations on your current position on our Freeroll Leaderboard.

Thank you

You are not so far away from the 1st and 2nd place. Are you planning to fight for the big prize and take the lead in the Leaderboard?

Yes, absolutely. I was in First place for the longest time, but it seems that my competition has finally caught up with me! I am 100% committed to taking the lead again.

Are you familiar with our last two VIP Parties?

Yes, I have seen the videos to the last two Khelo365 parties. It’s wow! I would really like to attend that kind of VIP party once. 

And thank you to Khelo365 for this great opportunity; I will try my best to lead the leaderboard!

Have you ever played Poker before or has been your starting platform?

I first learned how to play poker on Zynga Poker and through my younger brother who taught me how to play. Then I started playing from Nagaland, currently, I am living in New Delhi. I have been playing on Khelo365 since 2015.

Do you have a message for the players in 1st and 2nd place?

It’s a competition and I wish them all the best! Good Luck!


Mr. Kamlubo is a true poker player who has made a fortune on our website and will continue to fight for his position on our leaderboard; we wish him nothing but the best of luck going forward!

As of right now, Mr. Kamlubo has already won a whopping Rs. 50,000 from playing FREE poker on our website and he stands to win another Rs. 70,000 from our leaderboard if he remains in 3rd place! To check out the other incredible prizes we have in store on our Freeroll Leaderboard, click here. is your one-stop destination for all your poker needs. Play free, win big and party like a VIP – that is what you can expect with us.

The LIVE Freeroll Leaderboard is still running and there are many fantastic prizes for the hungry poker player to claim.

It is still not too late for those who are just beginning to win the prizes available, and just maybe, it may be YOU who will attend the VIP party this New Years, along with a Honda City S to top it all off.

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