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Independence Day Freeroll Third Place Winner Wins Rs. 35,000

📁 Blog 🕔18.August 2017
Independence Day Freeroll Third Place Winner Wins Rs. 35,000

This past Wednesday, hosted our very own Independence Day Freeroll, where a stunning 5 Lakhs were up for grabs.

We, at, would like to thank each and every one of the 1,049 players who took part in this fantastic tournament and congratulate to the top 200 players of the tournament, who fought their way and won a share of the 5 Lakhs that were available.

We would also like to extend a huge congratulations to the top 10 winners of this Independence Day Freeroll, who won a combined Rs. 282,500! Gentlemen, you have earned it and we salute you!

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Recently, got a chance to interview Mr. Dinesh Meena a.k.a. Dinesh5254 who finished 3rd in this week’s Independence Day Freeroll.

Dinesh5254 will be walking away with an amazing Rs. 35,000 for his efforts. Although, he did not finish first, he still made some serious cash, and no one can be disappointed with that!

Dinesh5254 was kind enough to share his experience during the tournament with us, advice for upcoming players and his thoughts on moving forward with

How did you get into poker?

I’m new to this poker site, I just started a month ago and a friend of mine, Vikram Leksramchhawal, joined me on He stated that it was the perfect platform for an upcoming player like myself.

Why did you choose Khelo365?

It has a better and quicker customer response and will be online at any time to assist us. They also have a great application with no ads to irritate the players, it is a very user-friendly application.

I mostly like the Freerolls, there I don’t need to invest anything and I’m able to withdraw high amounts for FREE. Also, every month comes up with new promotions where players can utilize and make some money without depositing anything!

Could you describe your experience during the tournament?

It was a tough, good competition where I had almost lost my hope to win. Still, I didn’t give up and continued playing. In the end, I didn’t come first but next time I will never give a chance to anyone!

Do you remember the winning hand? If yes, what was it?

Yes, I still remember that hand where I had regained all my losses in a single bet. At that time, I got a pair of 8’s and the opponent got queen pair, I didn’t even realize that he might have the pair of queens.

It was luck, I got a four of a kind and the other person had lost the hand even though of having a high card at that time. I came to realize that it’s not about card, it’s about skills of how you interact with your opponents.

Since you came third in this week’s tournament, do you have any future plans regarding poker?

No, I haven’t planed yet.

As you know, the number 1 player on the Freeroll Leaderboard will win an all-expenses-paid VIP trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka. How badly do you want to win it?

At first, I didn’t have hope to come to the trip, but after winning this tournament – I feel like there is a chance!

Do you have a message for your competitors?

I don’t speak very much, but my actions speak a lot about me. So, don’t ever try to see the person’s personality, see his ability.

Dinesh5254, who started with a month ago, claimed 3rd place in a tournament with over 1,000 people and won a whopping Rs. 35,000! What a tale to tell!

We see great potential in Dinesh5254, he is exactly the sort of player is looking for. A determined player who has nothing but love for the game of poker.

For that, we would like to personally congratulate you on your winnings, you truly earned it!

We hope to see more like Dinesh5254 at our other Freerolls ran HOURLY, DAILY and on WEEKENDS – worth a stunning 50 Lakhs every month! We hope to see players from everywhere, regardless of skill level participate, because this is

Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.

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