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iPhone X Winners Roundup

📁 Promotions 🕔04.April 2018
iPhone X Winners Roundup

As you must already know, Khelo365 conducts an exclusive iPhone X Freeroll every Saturday where the winner wins…an iPhone X! Now, access to this tournament is restricted and isn’t open to just anyone – you’ve got to earn your way in. Which makes it all the more special when the dust settle and you’re the proud owner of a brand-new iPhone!

Ever since we launched our iPhone X Freeroll, it’s been a great success and we’ve had a wonderful response from our online poker community. Six lucky people have tasted glory since we started this initiative, so let’s meet them and learn a little about them today!

Krishna J (krishnajeya)

iPhone X Freeroll

22 years old and living in Tirunalveli, Krishna was the very first winner of our iPhone Freerolls! He’s a recent Engineering graduate who’s currently on the lookout for a job; now he can pass the time while waiting for interviews by exploring his shiny new phone!


Senraj M (senrajm)

iPhone X Freeroll

Senraj works in the Government Sector, and is 31 years old.


Shimul M (Shakila1992)

iPhone X Freeroll

A 25-year-old Share Market Expert in Mumbai, Shimul is loving his free phone upgrade.


Rohith S (Rohit789)

Rohith is a working professional from Hyderabad who is 29 years old. He’s been playing poker online at Khelo365 for six months and likes to read books when he’s not playing poker.


Gautam R (highlighter)

iPhone X Freeroll

Gautam is a student from Patna and is 21 years of age.


Yash J (scylla)

iPhone X Freeroll

A 19-year-old student from Hindu College in Noida, Yash loves singing and doing sudoku puzzles – in between rounds of poker, obviously! In his own words – “I think Khelo365 provides a great platform for Indians to play poker professionally and pursue their passion.”


We hope you enjoyed this little look at some of the lucky winners of our iPhone Freerolls. Remember, you could join this exclusive group by entering this limited tournament, so head on over here and get playing!

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