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📁 Promotions 🕔26.December 2017 Freeroll Winners

Boy, 2017 has been an absolutely crazy year! famously launched our Freerolls earlier this year, which means that many Online Poker players have been walking away wealthier than before for playing FREE poker!

An incredible deal, one that you will not find anywhere else.

But wait, there’s more!

Players on were also given the chance to put their poker skills to the test on our Freeroll Leaderboard, where winning more money playing Free Poker opened the doors for amazing rewards!

So, congratulations to our First Prize winner, Mr. Anand Thakjuri a.k.a. ‘thakurji’, who has won himself an all-expenses-paid VIP trip to Pattaya, Thailand for’s New Year’s event PLUS a brand new Honda City S and 2 Lakhs Bonus Money!

Not too bad for playing Free Online Poker, don’t you think!?

Our players who were ranked 2nd to 10th also walked away with a considerable sum of money too. A grand total of Rs. 4,50,000 was rewarded to players who ranked in that bracket, more money being given the higher the rank of course.

Freeroll Leaderboard Winners

Rank Player Name Prizes
1 thakurji Honda City S Petrol + 2 Lakhs Bonus Money + All expenses Paid VIP Trip to Pattaya
2 coolgiri Rs. 90,000 Real Money
3 manirock Rs. 80,000 Real Money
4 cobraa Rs. 70,000 Real Money
5 Rjranjith Rs. 60,000 Real Money
6 sten123 Rs. 50,000 Real Money
7 Rohitc Rs. 40,000 Real Money
8 Djim Rs. 30,000 Real Money
9 vijayvishka Rs. 20,000 Real Money
10 TheLionKing Rs. 10,000 Real Money


The team looks forward to having Mr. Thakjuri over this year for our exclusive, insane VIP Event in Pattaya. We assure you that he will be having the time of his life, don’t you worry.

We are also looking forward to hosting bigger and badder event’s in the future, as per the way. And who knows, maybe you will be the one winning the once in a lifetime trip with us playing FREE poker!

With our Freeroll Leaderboard ended and the New Year approaching, we are looking to welcome 2018 with a BANG!

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Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.

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