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📁 Promotions 🕔25.October 2017 LIVE Freeroll Leaderboard

We have heard your voices. Having a shorter leaderboard is simply more beneficial and fun for the masses.

We, at, highly value the satisfaction and feedback of our loyal players. We understand that with a shorter leaderboard, more players will have the opportunity to win even more prizes from us.

Hence, we are starting our brand new LIVE Freeroll Leaderboard from October 25th to December 25th.

To climb this leaderboard, players must play on our Freerolls and win money in the tournaments in order to climb the ladder.

In short, the more Freerolls won and the more money you have accumulated from winning our Freerolls, the more points you will receive, therefore advancing you on the Freeroll Leaderboard.

We have added some truly wonderful prizes in this new Freeroll Leaderboard, we are sure many of you will be willing to fight for!

Trust us when we say, you do not want to be missing out on them.

LIVE Freeroll Leaderboard Prizes (Based on current ranking)

Rank Prizes
1 Honda City S Petrol + 2 Lakhs Bonus Money + All expenses Paid VIP Trip to Pattaya


2 Rs. 90,000 Real Money
3 Rs. 80,000 Real Money
4 Rs. 70,000 Real Money
5 Rs. 60,000 Real Money
6 Rs. 50,000 Real Money
7 Rs. 40,000 Real Money
8 Rs. 30,000 Real Money
9 Rs. 20,000 Real Money
10 Rs. 10,000 Real Money


As you can clearly see, the Freeroll Leaderboard is absolutely FULL of great prizes we hope that many of you will be satisfied with.

We highly encourage you to get an early head-start on the competition and start playing our Freerolls today! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a true win-win situation. Take every advantage possible to rank as highly as you can on our Freeroll Leaderboard – it is not something you would want to miss out on! has always had a generous reputation for richly rewarding our players, this is no different. welcomes Online Poker players of all backgrounds to come participate on our Freerolls which are run HOURLY, DAILY and on WEEKENDS and are worth an incredible 30 Lakhs per month!

Play free poker, win real money and much, much more with!

Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.

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