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Ready, set, GOA! – Muskan Sethi and

📁 Poker 🕔14.September 2017
Ready, set, GOA! – Muskan Sethi and has always enjoyed our generous reputation of offering the most amazing prizes and incredible rewards for our loyal players as well as providing some truly spectacular opportunities. Our Freerolls are like none other, offering a stunning 30 Lakhs per month for FREE to the true Poker Player worthy of winning such prizes.

This article is about one of those players, the #1 GPI Ranked Female Poker Player in India and Shark Cage contestant, the beautiful Muskan ‘BabyShark’ Sethi. We at were absolutely delighted and honored to have a player of such caliber frequent our Freerolls. We, however, were not surprised in the slightest bit to find out that Muskan had won a grand total of Rs. 503,449 from our Freerolls over the past couple of months! For that insane feat, Muskan, we salute you!

Recently, was able to get in touch with Muskan herself to personally congratulate her on her fantastic winnings at our Freerolls and ask what she planned to do moving forward with her superb winnings. In our short conversation, Muskan had informed us that she planned to travel to Goa to spend her winnings enjoying the city to its fullest potential, basically, she just planned to have as much fun as possible. And with over 5 Lakhs to spend, that’s a whole lot of fun she can buy!

Like us on Facebook to keep updated on what Muskan will be doing in her time in Goa. She promised to send pictures documenting her trip to Goa, so stay tuned for that, we are sure it will be an insane trip!

We must also mention that, Muskan is a very charitable person. She is an active social worker and philanthropist, who has a policy of donating 50% of her winnings from poker to various charities that she helps out with! So not only were we impressed by her poker prowess, we were also impressed by her big heart!

She then thanked us for the opportunity of being able to win a huge amount of money for FREE playing our Freerolls and mentioned that she also enjoyed the excellent services we provided at our site.

Again, BIG congratulations to you, Muskan and we wish you the best of luck!

Stories, like the one of Muskan’s, is always a treat for, proving once again that our services, rewards, and opportunities that we provide are fit for someone who is definitely considered ‘Poker Royalty’! We hope to see each and every one of you at our Freerolls, which are run HOURLY, DAILY and on WEEKENDS, where winning potential is absolutely massive and opportunities are in abundance at


Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.

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