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Top 5 reasons women find Poker Players Irresistible!

📁 Poker 🕔01.September 2017
Top 5 reasons women find Poker Players Irresistible!

You’ve seen it before, some guy playing a high-stakes game of poker, maybe in real life, maybe on TV.

He’s not heroically handsome or has a cute smile, but for some reason unknown to us mortals, guys like them are always surrounded by some stunning honeys.

Why is that? How are these guys able to attract these gorgeous babes so effortlessly?

Is there something to the poker player that just makes them irresistible to women? We think yes. And below are 5 reasons women find poker players irresistible.


  1. Confidence

If there is one universal trait that literally ALL women find sexy, its confidence.

Women like a man that is sure of himself, takes control and makes the tough calls. All these traits are present in any Poker Player worth his salt.

They need to be sure of themselves, that they are making the right decisions – and although sometimes they make the wrong decisions, they were damn sure, ice-cool, and confident when they call the bluff or raise the bet, otherwise anyone would be able to read them like a book.

This ‘certainty’ trait in poker players emits an aura of confidence, which just completely oozes from them, making them look like lions.

  1. Mystery

Women are innately curious creatures, they always want to know what makes a man tick.They enjoy the game and want to figure a man out. If you are just an average guy, with no mysteriousness to you, then you are boring. Plain and simple. Women do not want this kind of guy.

Being a mysterious guy is so goddamn intriguing to women, they cannot get enough of you, therefore they want to know more about you.

 Poker players are almost synonymous with being mysterious, as mentioned above, you do not want to be readable. Most poker players show up to tournaments wearing nothing but sunglasses and their mysterious aura, they don’t say much, this is to shield anyone from being able to get a read on them. And that, is why being mysterious is so hot.

  1. Body Language

The mentality factor is super important to poker players, your mentality is reflected by your body language.

Body language tells all and most women are masters at reading body language. The way you feel, your mentality, greatly effects your body language.

It is reflected in everything, like how you talk, how you walk, the way you stand, smile, sit, eat and flirt. Everything. And, if your mentality is that of a shark, looking to dominate everyone present at the tournament, your body language will show. Nothing can be sexier than that.

  1. The Look

Women love a classy guy who looks good and dresses sharp.

This is because it is a good indicator of his hygiene, status, class, and the fact that he takes care of himself. You can be the most attractive guy on God’s green earth, but if you dress like a bum – most women will not hesitate to kick you to the curb.

Poker Players rarely have this problem. For any high roller, it is so effortless to look sharp as hell. Throw on your shades, have your clean pressed dress-shirt or a lighter-than-air polo on.

Couple that with your best shoes and your confident attitude. If that doesn’t scream ‘BOSS’ we don’t know what does!

  1. Exciting Lifestyle

You can see it all over Facebook and Instagram, these high-rolling poker players, living the jet-setting, celeb lifestyle.

Travelling to exotic locations, hanging out on the most seductive beaches, and then spending their nights in the bright lights of the city, winning big.

That is a really exciting lifestyle. Women want a guy that can give her this kind of life, that can please her.

This is why you always see poker players chilling with the kind of girls you would kill to spend a night with!


And that concludes our list for the top 5 reasons women find Poker Players irresistible.

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