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Tournament Runner-up Wins Rs. 18,000 Playing Free Poker

📁 articles, News 🕔16.August 2017
Tournament Runner-up Wins Rs. 18,000 Playing Free Poker is offering an impressive 50 Lakhs every month to the hungriest of poker players for NO cost, NO buy in.

It is absolutely FREE! Furthermore, on August 15th will be hosting an ‘Independence Freeroll Special’ worth 5 Lakhs!

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Last night we got a chance to interview Mr. Shubham Lodha a.k.a. ‘shubhamlodha’, the runner-up of’s Weekend Freeroll Special Rs. 150k tournament on Saturday August 5th.

A humble competitor, who managed to walk away with a modest Rs. 18,000 this weekend. Not too bad for a weekend of free poker.

Though a humble man, Mr Lodha was very confident in his interview with us and gave us a good insight of what it was like to do so well in last weekend’s tournament, as you will find out below.

How did you get into poker?

Through my friends, they got me into poker on your site.

Why did you choose Khelo365?

Payment process is very fast and connection is good.

Could you describe your experience during the tournament?

It was good, have started slowly to play the tournament and then I have raised the money with luck because without luck nothing is possible.

Since you are this week’s Tournament runner-up, do you have any plans regarding poker?

I do not have any plans since from tomorrow I am having an exam, but once I have finished the exam I will play at your tournaments for sure.

As you know, the number 1 player on the Freeroll Leaderboard will win an all-expenses-paid VIP trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka. How badly do you want to win it?

Yes, I have confidence to join the Sri Lanka trip with you guys.

Do you have a message for your competitors?

All the 6 players played well and the message I am conveying to my competitors is, next time I will improve my skill and I will win the first place.

We at hope to see many more competitors like Mr. Lodha, and with 50 Lakhs up for grabs monthly and a VIP trip to an incredible party in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we are certain that we will.

Poker is anyone’s game and this is YOUR opportunity to win it big, the way Mr. Lodha and other have this weekend and throughout this week in the many tournaments we run. would like to officially extend our invitation to anyone who loves poker and win money, we want to find the best poker players around and are willing to reward you handsomely for your participation. It’s absolutely FREE to play, so what are you waiting for? Join us now at

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